Thursday, October 17, 2019

If you agree or disagree that the company is paying too much for their Assignment

If you agree or disagree that the company is paying too much for their CEOs. Is it justify or not justify for the large companies - Assignment Example The hard work is carried out by junior employees or other managers such as the human resource manager, the finance manager and others. They then take the finished work to the CEO for approval which is in the form of a mere signature after every detail of the work being explained to them. They also just make appearances in public as the face behind the success of the company while they truly are not. Most of these CEOs are actually just puppet leaders in the company and especially in those companies where there is a board of directors. The board of directors makes the final decision which the CEO then signs and disseminates to the rest of the staff. This is a clear indication of the lack of work they carry out and hence do not deserve such a large salary. It does not matter whether the company is large or not like the 21st Century Fox. If the company is making too much money to the extent of awarding its CEO such a large salary and on top of it all gets awarded other multiple benefits, then they should distribute some of these profits to the best performing employees as a motivation to the rest. It can also be put into corporate social responsibility to assist the rest of the society. If this decision cannot be made by the CEO himself, to refuse to accept such a large salary, then the CEO is selfish. It is understandable that the CEO has worked hard to reach that position and hence deserves the high pay as a reward for the past efforts but the pay should still not be ridiculously high. There are many people that are suffering in the world and can use a little financial assistance from the corporates. The maximum salary should be an average of $2 million in addition to the other fringe benefits and the extra money be used to provide the assistance to those in need in the society. True CEOs who are true and genuine leaders should take a pay cut otherwise they will be classified with the

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