Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Business Essays – Entrepreneurship Pancake Cereal

Business Essays Entrepreneurship Pancake Cereal Entrepreneurship Pancake Cereal Business Model / Mo’s Pancake and Cereal Bar Introduction Entrepreneurship is a thriving activity in the United States, as well as globally. Increasing numbers of people are deciding to implement their dreams of business ownership. There are between three and five million entrepreneurial business ventures undertaken annually within the United States. Eighty-four percent of those starting a new business venture are first-time entrepreneurs (Zimmerer however, 64% of small businesses fail within six years (Zimmerer and as a result, starting a new business is no longer perceived as particularly risky. In light of this favorable environment for entrepreneurial activity, the success of a new business venture, Mo’s Pancake and Cereal Bar (MPCB), located in the vibrant and historical downtown district of Grapevine, Texas, seems particularly promising. Elements of several relevant disciplines will play a vital role in the success or failure o f this particular venture. By taking advantage of the perspectives of these particular disciplines, it should be possible to integrate their insights in order to create a viable business plan that will result in the ultimate success of Mo’s Pancake and Cereal Bar (Repko, 2005). There are a wide range of disciplines that could contribute to the creation of a successful business plan for MPCB. Some of these disciplines include architecture, business administration, education, history, political science, sociology, and urban planning and development. Three disciplines have been identified as those making the greatest contribution: urban planning and development, architecture and the subfield of interior design, and business with an emphasis on small business management. An understanding of urban planning and development will be necessary to ensure a business plan that is that is in keeping with the overall goals and the long-term development plans of the city of Grapevine. Urban planning and development plays a key role in understanding patterns of growth and its resulting economic implications (McCarthy, 2007). The ownership and management of MPCB must understand the significance of community goals and the importance of these goals on the ultimate success of MPCB. As an organization, MPCB should develop strong ties with city government and take an active part in promoting its development. One way it can do this is by taking part in such activities as Main Street Days , Grapefest , and various holiday festivities held annually in the city of Grapevine.

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