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Whos for the Game Essay Example

Whos for the Game Paper The Great War was the most horrific and blood thirsty war in history. It was started by the assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. The battlefields were endless stretches of trenches, this was known as the Western Front. The trenches were an awful place to live, they were made out of sandbags, duckboards, and rotting corpses. The trenches were also wet, muddy and full of vermin and disease. Many soldiers got trench foot, which was caused by standing in the mud and stagnant water that filled the trenches. Many soldiers also were suffering from neurasthenia (shell shock) this was a nervous disorder that was brought on by all the horrific factors of the war; the noise, seeing people dying a quick and painless death or a long and agonising one which the other soldiers could not do anything about it. Many poems were written during the early stages of the war to help recruitment for the army, at this stage recruitment was voluntary, but in 1916 all men over the age of 16 had to join the army. If you refused a white feather was posted through your letterbox-this signified that you were a coward. An example of a poem, which was written to recruit people to the army, is `Whos for the Game? ` By Jessie Pope. This poems imagery makes war sound like a game or show. It makes it sound this way because she uses words like fun, tackled and a good example is in the title, `Whos for the Game? ` Using these sorts of images makes the person reading the poem think that the worst you can do is suffer a sporting injury. We will write a custom essay sample on Whos for the Game specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Whos for the Game specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Whos for the Game specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The poem also has a perfect rhyme scheme, the rhymes are on alternative lines, ABAB CDCD and so on, an example of the rhyming is, fight and tight most of the rhyming words are one syllable long and there is a long pause after nearly every line this is due to punctuation such as full stops and question marks. The rhythm and rhyme are made this simple so the poem is simple and easy to read and so that it ca be chanted and easy to remember. Pope also uses euphemisms, which makes the war sound not as bad to the reader. Pope uses euphemisms because the amount of people ready to go to war would definitely decline if Pope said that you were likely to die either a quick or long drawn out death. Pope got away with using these because news coming from the war was censored so nobody knew what was really going on out their except the men who had been sent home to be treated for war wounds or psychological problems. Pope said in her poem, Who would rather come back with a crutch as if that was the worst thing that could happen to you whereas that was the luckiest thing that could happen to you, she also said Who knows this wont be a picnic not much meaning that it might be a little uncomfortable and not that you would probably be witnessing the death of you friends. Pope uses a lot of rhetorical questions; rhetorical questions are questions that dont need an answer because the answer is obvious. She uses them to sort of hypnotise the reader by giving them two choices, these are to either make you say yes or no but the way that she asks the questions only gives you one answer and that is yes, for example Whos for the game? and Wholl give his country a hand? Pope also uses jingoism she says, Your country is up to her neck this implies that Britain is female the jingoistic idea in this phrase is that Germans mistreat British women. The final tactic that Pope uses is machismo, she uses this to appeal to males and the masculine side of people she does this by using words that will appeal to the male behaviour such as fight and tackle. All these ideas will help dramatically in the purpose of this poem, which was to recruit people to go to war. The Great War was the first war of its time where most soldiers were literate and could read and write. One such soldier was Wilfred Owen, who was a poet. Wilfred Owen wrote a direct response aimed at `Whos for the Game? ` Wilfred Owen had an interest in music and poetry at an early age, which his mother encouraged. After finishing school Owen wanted to go to university but could not afford it so he went to France and taught English. After the war broke out he returned to England and volunteered his services. After training Owen became an officer and was sent to France in 1916. Whilst in the trenches a shell burst right next to Owen and he became shell shocked so he was sent to Scotland and treated for it in the Craig Lockheart Hospital where they specialised in shell shock. Also in the hospital was another soldier-poet, Sassoon. Sassoon was a published poet, he encouraged Owen to write. Sassoon helped write and develop some of Owenss poetry. One of Owens poems was `Dulce es Decorum est` this was the poem that Owen wrote in response to `Whos for the Game`. The imagery in `Dulce es Decorum est` is the truth and horrors of the war. In this poem Owen uses a lot of similes and hardly any metaphors whereas in `Whos for the Game` Pope uses a lot of metaphors and only a few similes. This is because similes are less definite than metaphors. Pope uses metaphors to tell you what to do and think, Owen uses similes to make you think and give your own opinion of what hes trying to put across, for example like old beggars under sacks and coughing like hags we all have a different view on what image this gives us. The rhythm and rhyme in this poem is very important. It has the same rhyme scheme as Whos for the Game, ABAB CDCD ect. But the rhyme is not very noticeable when read aloud but you can see it on the page. The reason why the rhyme is not very noticeable is because the poem hasnt many lines with punctuation at the end most of the poems punctuation is in the middle of the lines. The poem also has enjambment, as some of the sentences are more than one line long for example the first sentence is four lines long. This disguises the rhyme and gives the poem a conversation like rhythm. This poem is written in the first person, which is I or we, in `Whos for the Game` Pope writes in third person, which is you. Owen does this to make the poem sound personal, authentic and as if hes telling a story. In the poem the emotion of anger and annoyment comes across from Owen because at the end of the poem he says, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desperate glory, The old Lie: Dulce es decorum est Pro patria mori. He sounds angry and annoyed because of people like Jessie Pope who are exploiting young men of their needs to prove themselves. He also sounds bitter and betrayed because he says the old Lie The subject of the poem is that a platoon of soldiers are returning to a safer position after completing a patrol or watch in one of the forward trenches. While the Soldiers are going back they get gassed; one of the soldiers didnt get his helmet on in time and dies in front of the rest of the platoon. The attack had psychological effects on Owen, who was one of the witnesses; the sight of his friend dying gave him nightmares. This poem puts the public image of the heroic soldier and turns it into the image which Owen saw; this was hags and beggars. The truth was most soldiers feared the gas attacks most because there was nothing you could do if one of your friends was dying in front of you whereas if your friend was shot you could help them. The purpose and message of `Dulce es Decorum est` is to tell the truth about the war and make people like Jessie Pope see that if they knew first hand how bad the war was that they wouldnt be encouraging recruitment. Wilfred Owen also wrote another war poem this is called `Anthem For Doomed Youth` these poems are alike because they both talk about death in the trenches and way the soldiers who died where commemorated. They also have a lot of contrasts for example the rhythms are different as `Dulce es Decorum est` is in speech rhythm and `Anthem for Doomed Youth` is in an iamb pentameter. `Anthem for Doomed Youth` is written in the style of the sonnet, this was a favourite of Owen, a sonnet has 14 lines each containing five stressed syllables and the rhyming pattern is ABABCDCD EFFEGG. Sonnets are set into two parts this is an octave, 8 lines, and then sestet, 6 lines. The octave normally contains the point of view and then the sestet contains a different approach or point of view. In `Anthem for Doomed Youth` Owen uses the octave to say how the soldiers death was unmarked as he describes the death of the soldiers as for these who die as cattle? this can mean many things but I think Owen meant slaughter. Slaughter is a very meaningful word as it means that the people who were being killed were defenceless and whilst killing them the enemies were at no real danger. Owen uses the sestet to say that on the other hand people are doing their best in difficult circumstances to commemorate their friends or colleagues deaths. Anthem for Doomed Youth` is comparing a traditional Victorian funeral to the funeral of a man who died in the trenches. He wrote this poem in a sonnet also because hes trying to describe a traditional event so he used a traditional form of poetry. Funerals are also associated with solemn music this poem is solemn and musical. Anthem for Doomed Youth is full of metaphors he represents the passing-bells from a traditional funeral as the monstrous anger of the guns. He describes the candles as their eyes that will show the holy glimmers of their goodbyes. And also he represents the traditional rawing of blinds, as each slow dusk, this means that it was an everyday occurrence because dusk happens everyday. Poetry of the time these pieces were written was very important, as they were a powerful artistic expression and part of everyday life. War poems reflected all kinds of opinion about the war and were all used for different purposes as I have discussed three poems of the time Jessie Popes `Whos for the Game, written for the purpose of recruitment, and Wilfred Owens `Dulce es Decorum est` and `Anthem for Doomed Youth,` written for the purpose of to show people what the War was really like. Owenss close friend Sassoon also wrote War poems he hoped they would change the Opinion of the pubic this is a extract from a letter of protest that he sent to The Times newspaper, Also I believe that it may help to destroy the callous complacence with which the majority of these at home regard the continuance of agonies which they do not share, and which they have not sufficient imagination to realise. This means he writes the poems he writes to try and give people the thoughts and imagination for them to think on their own what is happening in the War.

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Research Paper on Obesity

Research Paper on Obesity Obesity is the prime concern of all health conscious in modern world. People   who thought obesity as a sign of good and strong health also realized now that obesity is a health problem. Writing a research paper on obesity is required by science, humanity and sociology students very often. The subject is of worldwide significance and professors in all disciplines including business and social sciences may ask their students to write research papers on obesity.   When obesity research paper is prepared, it needs a good understanding of   the concept of obesity research paper and its requirements. When you as a student need to write a research paper on obesity, you require having only lines below: A little research to formulate your opinion about obesity is needed, that means you must know what this research of obesity means actually. Introduction of thought, description of obesity and stories attached with the research internationally can be the other main content of your research paper on obesity. After that, for writing a research paper on obesity, you should convey your apprehensions and explain the causes of obesity. Then you should explain the effects of obesity and its dangers on human health. In next paragraphs you ought to show a somber apprehension about obesity and its dangers and explain the sufferings human men and women may face if obesity is not managed well. One may also give details in research paper on obesity the different methods and precautions to control and limit obesity on priority. Custom research paper on obesity ought to include the prescribed parts such as title, table of content, introduction, literature review, research methodologies, findings, conclusion, references, appendices, tables and graphics. Whenever you need to do a research paper on obesity topics, you should select a topic of current importance having long term effects on human body and mind. Topics of obesity are huge enough and you can select from a variety of topics around the glob. When you think, writing a research paper on obesity is not a complex task, answer is a certain yes. If you focus of few basics express in the above lines, you can bring into being a good quality paper on obesity. When it comes to the research paper writing, it always needs time that most students often lack during their semester programs. Obesity research paper help is available at many online libraries and offline journals. You can for sure utilize such help from these sources. Point you necessitate to umpire is not to plagiarize or violate copyrights. If permission is needed, request the publisher for permission and include content after you acquire authorization only.   Help is also provided by the companies that offer custom research papers on obesity. When you need to place an order for custom research papers on obesity you should only rely on a company with great standing such as . With our company your time and money will be protected and you will have an original and high quality research paper on obesity from this company. Feel free to place your order for a custom research paper on Obesity.

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Comparison of two movies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Comparison of two movies - Essay Example As opposed to this, Medea throwing upon the palace doors dramatically is a symbolic representation of the woman breaking out of captivity to the male and her assumption of dominance. When Alsemero sends De Flores into the closet, his tightly pursed lips and downcast eyes, coupled with the manner in which he bangs on the cupboard with a fist, eloquently speak of his inner tension and anger because De Flores has usurped the place Beatrice’s virginity that was rightfully his to claim. Such inner tension and deep anguish are also revealed through the same means in the clip of Medea, when Jason realizes that Medea has killed his children. When he hears the news about the death of his children, his body sags forward on his knees, his head drops and his clenched fists are raised in agony. The eternal nature of this despair is further enhanced as dark clouds fill the horizon, visually symbolizing Jason’s distress, deepening with the darkening clouds as Medea leaves in the sky. Beatrice is the woman punished for her crime of passion with DeFlores, Medea is the one who punishes Jason for his infidelity with another woman. The rebellion of both women through succumbing to their darker emotions is symbolized through the blood color red, which appears to symbolize the power and violence underlying the intense emotions of lust and jealousy (Bellantoni, 2005). Beatrice’s expression in the closet reflects her inner shame and the pain she is experiencing from the wound De Flores has inflicted on her. Yet, her face is uptilted and her eyes glow as she looks at De Flores and the manner in which she cups his face and looks into his eyes suggests that her hatred may have well turned into love. Her blood stained hand is a reminder of the evil inherent in the passion that has been born out of murder. This lends further credibility to the role of whore who has succumbed to her darker passions. DeFlores’ expression is triumphant and he

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Hannibal and the Second Punic War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Hannibal and the Second Punic War - Essay Example This history of the Punic Wars is grim and intricate. The reason behind the Second Punic war is simple: the defeat of the Carthaginians in the First Punic War. It became necessary for the losing power to develop and maintain a sentiment of hatred and anger against those who had led them to defeat. The best way to regain Carthage's lost prestige was to conquer and replace large tracts of land to their empire. For the Carthaginians, Spain became an area of ample interest. This idea was further encouraged by Hamilcar Barca. As the premier Phoenician General he had been greatly dishonored and incensed over the defeat and the peace terms set out by Rome. This was coupled with the capture of Sardinia during Carthage's own mercenary war. Spain was then seen as the launching point for future action against Rome: a battle that would help resume the reputation that had been lost by Carthage. The events that befell Cartage before the Second Punic War are important because it was Barca's son who continued with his invasion plans: turning the Second Punic War into a battle which would be remembered for years to come. It began with Barca's designs to construct a strategy that would allow Carthage to retake, establish and maintain its identity. According to the treaty signed between the two countries, Barca had the freedom to expand his conquests in all directions that were meant to be west of the River lberus. This river would flow southeast into the Mediterranean Sea. Its name, Iberus, was later changed, to Ebro. Following the treaty with the Romans meant that the Carthaginians were not to cross the lberus (Arnold 1886). This was coupled with another important aspect to the treaty. The Carthaginians were also bound by the treaty not to interfere with the people of Saguntum. This was a crucial city because it laid between the lberus and the Carthaginian dominions. The Romans knew of its immense significance. They chose this area especially in an effort to control the ever growing Carthaginian forces. They saw the danger of leaving Saguntum to itself and thus enforced another clause in their treat y with Carthage. It was thus that because of Sagnutum's role in alliance with the Romans it was also placed under their protection. Hannibal was Barca's son and developed the same anger and loss of pride that ran deep in his father's veins. He soon transformed into an ardent General: one whose tactics and style would be revered for generations. It was during Barca's time that Carthage had begun to assume a control over Spain. Rome was concerned by these moves of the Carthaginian army and sought a treaty with Carthage which forbade limited them to expand South of the town of Ebro. It was then that an alliance with Saguntum was signed by Rome. This decision was responsible for giving the Romans a small but significant stronghold in the heart of Carthaginian lands. Thus, the Second Punic War was created by the dispute over the hegemony of Saguntum. When Hannibal came into power the Romans and Carthaginians were not at a state of war. Both rested in the comforts of the peace deals that had

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Personal Debt Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Personal Debt Management - Essay Example ategy, but this was not the case because the debts were piling up and interest raised to unexpected amounts and this prompted me to have a debt repayment plan. It has helped me in keeping my expenditures and incomes in line, and I have reduced the amount I borrow and spend to pay for my necessities. Prior to having a debt management plan I would receive calls from my debtors every time because I was not able to make timely repayments and this would really disturb me since I had not learnt how to manage my finances. I would have my credit cards rejected when paying for food and other necessities, and this was because managing my finances was a hard task. The debt management plan has enabled me to manage my finances and now I can live comfortably knowing that all my debts will be paid on time without having to bring me discomforts and disappointments (Garman & Forgue, 2011). Currently I have debts from 3 sources, and they are my college loan, which amounts to $18,000, rent money, which amounts to $3000 and a medical bill of $500. To see that I ensure that my debt management plan gets me out of debt I actively engage in behavioral steps, which will see me out of debt. The first step I will undertake is to figure out my spending patterns and eliminate the unnecessary expenses which are bound to increase my debts. I will write down every expense regardless of how small it is, and this will help me in identifying my fixed and variable costs. After this, I will tally the expenses with my income, and this will be helpful in curbing my expenses since i will be able to eliminate the unnecessary costs. The next step will be to consider the amount I get from boosting my income through other income generating activities, and this will help me in knowing my surplus. The next step I will take is to make a list of all my debts and the interests they accrue, and this will help me in lightening my load debt. To practically implement this, I will use the basics of debt reduction,

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Questions and Answers on Managerial Economics

Questions and Answers on Managerial Economics Introduction This assignment is about the different prospective of managerial economics. In which opportunity cost, a person can avail that cost by using the same resources. Choosing margin helps people to get a little better thing then the other available options as it normally ignore the sunk cost. Apple company is one of the leading organization that introduce the app store available in iTunes is vibrant, extremely competent, and evolving digital market place. All the apps are user friendly and seem beautiful within and outside the app store. Later on the PPF curve is discussed that shows maximization of production level and commodity those results for economic based concepts. Task 1 Explain why opportunity cost is the best for gone alternative and provide examples of some opportunity costs that you have faced today. Opportunity cost Opportunity cost is the cost that a person gives up in order to buy a thing he wants to buy. As opportunity cost is the cost that a person can avail by using the same resources. In economy, whenever the word cost is use it means that economist is talking about opportunity cost. The opportunity cost is the cost that a person gives up so it is the second highest value of alternative that the person leaves in order to gain the first better opportunity (Zhang, 2013). Examples Suppose a person decided to buy a computer but he can buy different other things by using the same resources. He could choose to spend his money for purchasing books, can arrange a tour, whichever option suit a person. If he decided to purchase a computer instead of all above things then the other options are the opportunity cost. As he left the opportunity to buy them in order to buy the computer. It determines the logic that the person decided to buy one thing by spending his resources instead of buying anything else. Another example is that for most of the college students, the college and tuition fee is not the actual cost. The opportunity cost of the student is the time they spend on college instead of doing any job (Puangsri, 2009). Task 2 Explain what it means to choose at the margin and illustrate with three choices at the margin that you have made today. In economics choosing at the margin means that one additional more unit of any resource used. Choosing at margin means, that person is carrying out an incremental change or a kind of adjustment in action plan. Choosing margin helps people to get a little better thing then the other available options as it normally ignore the sunk cost (Okullo, 2013) . Example of choosing at margin for example the benefit a person get by eating one additional bar of chocolate, each additional bar of chocolate gives you less level of satisfaction. Another example of choosing at margin is that if a theater is facing the problem of empty seats. Then they should sell tickets at half rates by bargaining with their customers. This will help them to get half price instead of gaining zero. It will increase the overall revenue of the theater as they collect 50% of the amount of ticket instead of getting nothing that increase their overall revenue. In case of any airlines, if the airplane takes off with some empty seats, they face lose of those empty seats as it reduce the overall revenue. Therefore, the solution to the issue was to reduce the price of the tickets. As reducing, the price of the ticket can increase the sale of ticket. It will help to increase the overall revenue of the airlines (SIVA, DANIEL, SHALINI*, April, 2013). Task 3 Apple Computer Inc. decides to make iTunes freely available in unlimited quantities. a. How does Apple’s decision change the opportunity cost of a download? The resources are scares now a day but the wants of people are unlimited. The app store available in iTunes is vibrant, extremely competent, and evolving digital market place. Proper strategies made in order to make and mange in order to provide comfort to the employees. The decision made by apple can decrease the opportunity cost of iTunes if they reduce the monetary cost by 99c that previously settled per iTunes. The iTunes store is now one of the most famous musical stores. ITunes, offers almost 10 million songs, on 30000 episodes of TV serials in different channels, with outclass video quality (GREGERSEN, EL LAKANY, KARSENTY, WHITE). b. Does Apple’s decision change the incentives that people face? Yes, the incentives of providing free latest music available on iTunes have increased the decision of people. As it, encourage people to buy new iPods. The apps made by apple are purely on merit with regard of their quality for the purpose of promotion. All the apps are user friendly and seem beautiful within and outside the app store. The apps are available in almost 150 countries in order to provide customers with better facilities. It help customer to localize their apps according to their requirements. Many international musical brands like EMI, Warner musical brand, universal musical group, etc decided to offer their music in iTunes. iTunes provide a better quality of audio music, the 3G user of iphone can now get iTunes catalogue of music on iPhone 3 3G by the help of 3G network (FREDERICK, NOVEMSKY, WANG, DHAR, NOWLIS*, 2009). c. Is Apple’s decision an example of a microeconomic or a macroeconomic issue? Macroeconomics is the study of economic in which the national economy discussed and the economy of world discussed. Like the reason of the increase in the unemployment in a particular year. The microeconomics deals with the choice made by individuals or a business that interact in market. As it help to determine the reason of why people buy more mobile phones. From above definitions, it is clear that the decision made by Apple Company is a micro economical issue as it deals with a single market and concern to a single company (WEAVER FREDERICK*, 2012). Task 4 Why do the PPF bow outward and what does that imply about the relationship between opportunity cost and the quantity produced? The production possibility frontier used in economics, which determine the production curves, boundaries and products formative curves. This graph used to determine the comparison of rate of production and commodities used as a fixed production factors. The PPF curve shows maximization of production level and commodity those results for economic based concepts. The PPF is a curve bow outward due to result of change in economic determinants such as scarcity of resources, economic of scale in production, and efficient of production. The PPF shows maximum combination of two different products that has produced on basis of available resources (MIKAMI, 2013). The PPF used to illustrate the raise in scarcity of resources. There are different points that technically determine efficiency. The opportunity cost related to different activities is highly valuable which alter the engagement of different activities with opportunity cost. Opportunity cost related to increase in margin as well as increase possible frontiers, which bowed towards straight line due to increase in production. Economies of scale will increase production as well as increase additional resources with activities. The importance of PPF is used to decide the resource of opportunity cost therefore, opportunity cost determine through cost of giving up which is required for production. It demonstrate that opportunity cost ensure the individual which at least determine the good with great choices. Task 5 Economic growth illustrated by shifting a production possibilities frontier outward. Use the following information to answer questions 5 to 7. Brazil produces ethanol from sugar, and the land used to grow sugar cane used to grow food crops. Suppose that Brazil’s production possibilities for ethanol and food crops are as in the table. a. Draw a graph of Brazil is PPF and explains how your graph illustrates scarcity. There is the comparison of barrel and tons in Barazil, the PPF shows that optimal point on frontier (40, 3). Productivity possibility frontier The PPF curve illustrates that production possibility determine an economy with combination of two goods one is food in tons and other is ethanol production. Ethanol production is less than the production of food in an economy of Barazil. A production possibility frontier represents a specific boundary of capabilities of economy’s production therefore; it is possible to term the production possibility frontier. The PPF maximize the production at fixed resources in an economy with fully employed resources. The production means that resources are unemployed and increase opportunity cost with given curve of convex shape mirror. If Brazil produces 40 barrels of ethanol a day, how much food must it produce to achieve production efficiency? According to the PPF, 40 barrels of ethanol a day there must have 3 tons per day of food that produce to achieve the efficient frontier. The opportunity cost of producing the goods and services which used to achieve the benefits of producers within a country. The cost of production is based on products and services because economies of scale known as managerial cost. Allocation of efficiency maximizes the managerial benefit with equal or extra units of production. Why does Brazil face a tradeoff on its PPF? Brazil faces tradeoff on its PPF because resources of Brazil are limited as well as technology. For the production of Brazil’ goods it is more important to produce the economies of scale with changeable factors of production. The way to develop goods and services helps to increase production capacity and increase goods that required decrease production of goods and also required to increase goods production with tradeoff reflection. Task 6 a. If Brazil increases its production of ethanol from 40 barrels per day to 54 barrels per day, what is the opportunity cost of the additional ethanol? According to the production of Brazil there will an efficient increase in production which will entirely produce ethanol from 40 barrels per day to 54 barrels per day, which decrease production of food as per crops from 3 tons per day to 2 tons per day. Therefore, opportunity cost of one ton ethanol for per day is 14 barrels or 1/14 ton of food for per ethanol barrel. b.If Brazil increases its production of food crops from 2 tons per day to 3 tons per day, what is the opportunity cost of the additional food? When Brazil efficient to increase its production from 2 tons per day to 3 ton per day then production of barrel will decrease by 14 as well as opportunity cost of additional food will be 14/1. Opportunity cost helps to determine what will forgo in return to get a new one opportunity. As Brazil increase production of food due to decrease in barrel of ethanol. Forgoing cost of ethanol is opportunity cost against getting the extra food tons for county promotion. What is the relationship between your answers to parts (a) and (b)? There is negative relationship between production of foods and barrel, as increase in production of foods barrel production will decrease. Increase in production of food will decrease ethanol production with more value than food production. Task 7 Does Brazil face an increasing opportunity cost of ethanol? What feature of Brazil’s PPF illustrates increasing opportunity cost? The increase in opportunity cost of ethanol will decrease production of food. Food is necessary item, for increase in production can easy to sacrifice the ethanol production. Economy will grow when necessaries will fulfill and due to unavailability of land increase in production as well. Graph illustrated that from point A it will decline and comparison at 40 barrel of ethanol will decrease one tone food. The increase in production will increase growth of country with suitable level of economies of scale. There are few managerial economic contents, which determine opportunity cost as The marginal cost of food for 2 tons is equal to the cost of 54-barrel ethanol. Increase in production will sometime decrease benefits for whole economy Efficiency cost helps to achieve the amount of goods and managerial benefits from production through available resources. Economic growth will illustrate the PPF and also increase rate of opportunity as well For economic production, there is lot of opportunities, which helps to increase tradeoff as well as increase specialized products. Price adjusted to make decision and determine different factors for market promotion References FREDERICK, S., NOVEMSKY, N., WANG, J., DHAR, R., NOWLIS*, S. (2009). Opportunity Cost Neglect. JOURNAL OF CONSUMER RESEARCH, Inc. à ¢- , 36, 9. Retrieved from: GREGERSEN, ,. H., EL LAKANY, H., KARSENTY, A., WHITE, A. (n.d.). Does the Opportunity Cost Approach. 23. Retrieved from: MIKAMI, M. (2013). Evolutionary foundations of Coasean economics:. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics,, 6(1), 164. Retrieved from: Okullo, S. J. (2013). Economic modeling of the long-term. 199. Puangsri, ,. M. (2009). QUANTIFIED RETURN ONINFORMATIONSECURITY INVESTMENT. 96 Retrieviewed SIVA, S., DANIEL, M. J., SHALINI*, S. (April, 2013). A STUDY ON MARGINAL COSTING IN GODREJ CONSUMER. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing Management Review__, 2(4), 2836. Retrieved from: WEAVER, R., FREDERICK*, S. (2012). A Reference Price Theory of the Endowment. Journal of Marketing Research, XLIX, 707. Retrieved from: Zhang, N. (2013). CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN OPPORTUNITY COST CONSIDERATION. 52. Retrieved from: 1

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Psychology in Modern Drama and Buchners Woyzeck Essay -- Psychology B

Psychology in Modern Drama and Buchner's Woyzeck When reading the play Woyzeck by Georg Buchner, one must be willing to delve deep into the surreal as well as the confusing and even uncomfortable. The play hinges upon psychology and the fact (one of the few facts found in the play, even) that the main character of the play (Woyzeck) has obvious psychological problems that none of the other characters seem to pay attention to. Psychology is a constant theme in modern drama, and Buchner seems to bring that to the forefront in Woyzeck, especially. But why is psychology so pertinent to modern drama? Modern drama, specifically, seems to focus on the more dark and twisted things in human nature, and what can be the darkest and most twisted creations besides the mind? C. Bigsby, in his article titled, Drama As Cultural Sign states, â€Å"drama has always had the power to engage the present in a way that is less true of other genres.† Again, modern drama especially seems to focus on psychology. It is engaging to the audience, and an interesting new subject to explore in drama. There are far too many examples of psychology used in modern drama to focus on in this essay, but a few to name have been read in class, such as Machinal, A Doll’s House, The Birthday Party and even Angels in America. It is true that every play in existence incorporates psychology into it, but modern plays, and these specifically, make it much more obvious and almost seem to take it upon themselves to purposely make the audience uncomfort able and push the audience into a position where they are forced to recognize some sense of surrealism in life and a basic sense of â€Å"screwed-up†ness, as it were, that exists in life. If there are so many examples... ...himself and the doctor (the conversations that Buchner provides for the play are creations of his own mind, as his research did not state specifically what Woyzeck said to people). Were it not for the development of modern psychology, modern drama would no doubt be unable to explore the darker side of human nature as thoroughly as it does with plays such as Woyzeck. Works Cited Bigsby, C. W. E. Drama as Cultural Sign: American Dramatic Criticism, 1945-1978. American Quarterly. Vol. 30 (1978), pp. 331-357. Buchner, Georg. Woyzeck. The Longman Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Drama. pp 16-28. Hauser, Ronald. â€Å"Georg Buchner†. 1963. McCarthy, John. Some Aspects of Imagery in Buchner’s Woyzeck. MLN. Vol. 91. April 1976. pp 543-551. Somerville, John. The Strange Case of Modern Psychology. The Journal of Philosophy. Vol. 31. October 1934. pp. 571-577.

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Dignity and Freedom: Immanuel Kant

Kant’s theories vary greatly with that of other philosophers. He was a retributivist who believed that it is alright to punish the wrongdoers as long as such punishment is tantamount or equivalent to the weight of the crime that was done. Punishment without proper reasons or justifications, such as jailing someone for petty theft is (according to the Kant) unjust. He spoke about punishment on the critique of practical reasons which is in contrast with Jeremy Bentham’s theory. Jeremy Bentham was a utilitarian theorist who considers punishment as evil (Robert, 2000).While Bentham supports rehabilitation efforts in prisons Kant found such efforts immoral. Kant further argued that such actions acted against ones personal rational choices. Kant rejects manipulation of people even when the causes and reasons are just. He believes that people should be allowed to reason for themselves and their decisions should be respected. Kant criticized other theories on the grounds that t hey were only hypothetical and could not be applicable in the real world.Some theories argue that the greater good ought to be considered when acting, nevertheless, such theory would be irrelevant to someone whose interest is contrary to the maintenance of the common good. Hypothetical moral systems should not be used to determine the moral action since they are very subjective. He rejected Hume’s theory on the ideal theory of the mind. To Kant, analytical methods should not be used to explain what is physically evident. He believes that synthetic reasoning involves relating concepts that are not directly related to the subject concept. A prior knowledge can be used in the metaphysics study. (Bayne, 2000)Kant criticizes the utilitarian view regarding happiness as the highest goal. He opposes this view as it created loopholes in arguing that people simply wants to achieve happiness. Happiness as far as Kant is concerned is a product of emotion. Following Kant’s argument s, acknowledging happiness as man’s final goal would be like ignoring the fact that human beings are rational and can choose or plan and anticipate their future. Kant portrays the categorical imperative approach where he sees all human beings as occupants of a special place in creation. People have different needs which ought to be satisfied using certain means.He uses the term maxim to refer to intentions or principle of action. Human beings should not act in a way that portrays other people simply as means to an end but as an end to itself. In working to attain the maxim people should not use others as means. People used should benefit from the arrangement and their consent should be sought. To him, duties should be beneficial to people used in the process of attaining the goals. I agree with Kant’s theory as all people should be treated with equality and with respect. There are two types of imperatives. The hypothetical imperative tells what we ought to do in order to achieve a goal.The categorical imperative leads to absoluteness since human beings are rational and can govern their actions. People should only act on maxims that can become ‘universal law’. To Kant, there are universal moral laws that are logically necessary. People’s actions should therefore be performed according to the acceptable universal laws of morality. Individuals should act according to the same moral laws (Robert, 2000). All people should be treated with moral respect. Deception should not be considered even when being applied for wrongdoers. To Kant, duties can be perfect or imperfect.Imperfect duties entail working to develop our talents since they are given to us for a purpose while perfect duties entail a duty to others. Kant rejected the ethical force brought about by tradition and coined the modern idea of autonomy. Autonomy is simply the capability of an individual to act on behalf of his own. Autonomy of the will is the ability of the will to be a will in itself while the will refers to the means by which a maxim can become a universal law. This lies in contrast with the notion of Heteronomy which is acting after observing the various consequences that an action has produced.He brought about the idea of centrality of rational thought. Each person can make free and autonomous choices and they are compelled by rationality and the categorical imperative in their decisions. Adherence to categorical imperative provides for autonomous ethical choice since people make their decisions rationally. In pursuit for various maxims all parties involved benefit from the arrangement (Collins, 2000). To Kant, objects do not have value but man gives them value through their rational goals and desires. Human beings have an intrinsic worth or dignity.They should therefore act in good will out of a sense of duty and use the categorical imperative. What we give to society comes back to us and we ought not to harm others but work in ensurin g that they benefit from out actions. I agree with the ideas presented by Kant, provided the way in which he had defended the rationality of people. I also agree that there are categorical imperative laws or universal maxims which comprise our ethical standards. Nevertheless, I could not agree that people are ought to be treated as ends in themselves, for there are hard cases wherein one must treat someone as a means to an end.For instance, if the only way for a person to survive is to get an organ from someone who is already dying, wouldn’t it be rational to take the organ and use it for the person’s benefit since its real owner is already dying. Thus, there might be cases wherein Kant’s theory may fail or may not be of any use. Another famous example is the situation that involves lying. It is a universal maxim for Kant that people must not tell lies. However, if there is a killer at the lobby looking for a certain person, whom by chance you know where, was hi ding; would it still be wrong to tell a lie (Bass).

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Baby think it over Reflection.

Baby think it over Reflection. When we were children, we depended on our parents to help us grow, provide us with food, clothing, shelter, and nurture us. However, as we grew older, we became more independent, learning how to do things for ourselves, and care for ourselves. This independence does not last very long because when you have a baby you are not putting yourself first anymore, it is not the baby that you attend to first. Throughout this course, we have learned about the many responsibilities of parenthood and the amount of effort it requires. Being given a baby to take care of for a week gave me a better sense as to how having a real baby would be life.When I first received my baby, I thought it would be a fun experience, and that taking care of a baby couldnt possibly be that difficult. However, as the days progressed, I had new responsibilities.Baby in walker.The baby had to be brought with me everywhere I went. Had it been left unattended, it would have cried, and I would not be able to hear it.Also, I could not sleep peacefully during the night as it would usually cry and wake me up every 3-4 hours. This made me feel exhausted and tired, but I learned that it was something that had to be dealt with when having a child. As in real life, when a baby cries, you must attend to its every need, such as changing it and feeding it. You cannot simply ignore it because then you are neglecting your child.Another difficulty I encountered was the fact that I had to be very careful with the baby. At times I would forget about holding it in an upright position and it would start to cry. Similarly, when a mother is...

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Homosexuality, Morality, and Human Rights

Homosexuality, Morality, and Human Rights In today's society, there exists a myriad of issues which, when discussed, tend to raise the temperature of the citizens' proverbial blood. There are a handful of topics that always seem to escalate this temperature to the boiling point among individuals who earnestly participate in discussion, debate and argument. Some examples of such delicate subjects are the death penalty, abortion, and euthanasia. An issue that has in recent years, begun to command the intensity of the foregoing, is the acceptability of homosexuality in mainstream society. Until recently, homosexuality was considered strictly taboo. If an individual was homosexual, this revelation was considered a grave secret to be kept from all family, friends, and society at large. However, it seem that society has begun to accept this lifestyle by allowing same sex couples some of the rights afforded heterosexual couples. The idea of coming out of the 'closet' has moved to the forefront of homosexual individuals when it used to be the exception.English: DIGNITY & RESPECT (2001) is a U.S. Army t...The Government of Canada has recently passed law making it illegal to discriminate against an individual's sexual preference. With this in mind, the government would then require all facets of society, including religious communities, to welcome the marriages, adoptions, and families of homosexuals as though they were in no way different from heterosexual ones. It seems unreasonable that such an authority be involved in legislating the acceptance of an identifiable group that behaves in a manner unbecoming of any moral, decent, and even moderately religious human being, when our society itself can offer no consensus on such a moral issue.In order to conclude that the government is wrong by legislating, it must be shown that homosexuality is wrong as well. Many feel that such a lifestyle is acceptable so long as it is kept in the privacy...

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Marriot International Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marriot International - Essay Example The organizational culture is diverse because of the diverse presence of the country; the Executive heads are the same but the functional heads are according to the geographic presence. Each place has its own certain standards to meet, has its own culture and its own unique features and an international chain has to adopt them for their own acceptability. Marriot has its own cultural touch but at the same time the diverse employees is the reason for the diverse culture in the organization. The diversity has to be managed by the HR and only professional people have to be hired to ensure it is properly managed. Marriot has an effective performance Management System, the system is very formal in nature, they have proper computerized systems that links the performance of each employee on the basis of their services, the duration they provided the services, their appearance, they pronunciation and the guests feedback about their stay. Employees are given feedback every quarter, until there is some exceptional situation where employees can be given feedback on irregular intervals. There are two feedback one the head evaluates his/her team members and the other through employee

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Ethical Issues related to the police use of force Research Paper

Ethical Issues related to the police use of force - Research Paper Example However, cases of using too much and illegalized force should decrease since there are new tactics of restricting suspects from their immoral behaviors (Safrath, 2011). In the past days of policing, the street police used force as a tactic of maintaining law and order and making their will obligatory. In the early 1960s, research shows that the police used too much force in the rebellions and disturbances caused by some people. However, the use of force by the police depends on the roles and responsibilities of the police. This means that some of the police in some departments do not exercise force in maintaining their duties since it is not ethically legal. On the other hand, some departments exercise the use of police force and it is sometimes mandatory for these departments to apply force. For instance, in case of riots and rebellion, the police needs to use force in order to maintain law and keep peace (, 2008). In the United States, the police often exercise force in approximately 2 million cases per year. Each year, the police use force in over 3,600 occasions resulting to a mean of 600 people being killed (Huebsch, 2011). Police use of force is ethically justifiable for policing actions since it helps in maintaining and exercising their discretion. However, with these well-known ethical rules, the police cannot yet determine the infringement since most of them cannot be predictable by the rules. The domestic police and the military police often had common characteristics and same ethical standards. For instance, sometimes they necessitate on using excessive amount of force where required and sometimes they do not require to use force at all (Huebsch, 2011). This paper will analyze the ethical issues associated with police use of force. It will seek to establish whether it is ethically justifiable for police to use force. It is ethically justifiable for the police to exercise force in maintaining law and order. Police officers are