Thursday, October 17, 2019

Brand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Brand - Essay Example Now it belongs to Goga Ashkenazi, a Kazak former oil and gas tycoon, whose attraction to fashion industry and to Vionnet brand in particular was dictated by a belief in heritage and history of brand (Haritela, 2013). Despite the entire couture industry is directed toward meeting the desires of those customers who can afford luxury clothes, in terms of affordability, the creative director of Vionnet and its owner Goga Ashkenazi is striving to capture more consumers by creating the same couture in a more accessible way (Karmali, 2013). While clothes of couture range sometimes from tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds for the dress, it becomes less possible to all most women to purchase such dress and under such tough economic conditions, it is practically impossible. For that reason, Vionnet offers demi-couture gowns that is full of beauty and captures the couture creation, however, is more affordable for the customers. In addition, couture dresses are usually one-time event clothes, while Vionnet wants to provide its consumers those dresses that will be suitable to wear in more ways than one. Thus, a dress from Vionnet for  £2,000 is considered as affordable couture unit available in differe nt colours, prints and material, and which at the same time does not also lose it exclusivity and unique feature of haute couture. The successful revitalization of Vionnet brand has is also influenced by its designer Chalayan, who is more known for the visionary magician. In U.S. the first new Vionnet collection became available in the house atelier within Barneys New York flagship stores. In Milano the first modern boutique of Vionnet brand was presented in 2011. Today the brand is present in more than hundred and eighty stores worldwide. According to Vogue (Karmali, 2013), the modern collection for Vionnet became also available to order in-store at Harrods. In addition, one can make a purchase through online

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