Thursday, September 19, 2019

Essay --

Michael is struggling to remember small things. Michael is struggling to pay attention to his studies and is also stressing at work. He is told things and quickly forgets them or he’s hearing information and not being able to remember what he learned. Michael complains that he is stressing about work, but could that be causing him to forget things so quickly? Michael is suffering from what is known as short term memory. Short term memory allows limited space in a person’s mind which only allows the mind to remember up to seven items at one time. In order for short term memory to be stored it would have to be rehearsed which would cause it to be stored as long term memory which would stay in your mind for a long time. Short term memory or working memory can be manipulated in your mind causing you to forget something that you just heard. Michael is taking in this information but the information is being stored in his short term memory where something else might practically overwrite it and cause him to forget. Have you ever wondered how memories form? Memories are formed through conn...

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